This is the fourth (and final) in a series of posts from the IEEE Spectrum article, “How to Build a Safer, More Energy-Dense Lithium-ion Battery,” authored by Ashok Lahiri, Nirav Shah, and Cam Dales of Enovix. The article describes how we use photolithography and wafer processing techniques to fabricate our 3D Silicon™ Lithium-ion battery. To fabricate the Enovix battery, we begin with a wafer of silicon that’s 1 millimeter thick. This doesn’t

Power Electronics is a Penton publication. Its expert editors report on the engineering, design and integration of power electronic system applications, such as battery-powered systems, consumer, commercial and industrial power electronic systems; and power systems for electric and automotive transportation. Do you have a keen interest in electronic automotive systems? ISO 26262 is a functional safety standard that covers electrical and electronic automotive systems and their development process. This includes