This is a very exciting time at Enovix. We’re about to begin scaling production of our 3D Silicon Lithium-ion Battery to prepare for commercialization in 2019. We’re hiring process engineers with experience coating battery electrodes and assembling lithium-ion batteries. See complete job descriptions on our CAREERS page. Enovix core values are integrity, knowledge, and passion. If you have these characteristics and want to work in an innovative, startup environment, please apply for the position that fits your experience and education.

Enovix is building a next-generation lithium-ion battery to increase energy density and improve safety. Our patented 3D cell architecture enables a high-capacity silicon anode to increase energy density by 30% to 80%, depending on cell size. And our patented 3D cell architecture includes features that reduce the danger of explosion and fire from thermal runaway. We’re backed by strategic relationships with Intel, Qualcomm, and Cypress and over $150 million in venture, strategic, and private funding. We’ve been awarded over 50 patents and have over 50 more pending that will create sustainable enterprise value and provide a competitive barrier for years to come.