PRESS RELEASE March 20, 2019 – Enovix will deliver the first public technical presentation of its 3D Silicon Lithium-ion Battery at the 2019 International Battery Seminar & Exhibit in Fort Lauderdale, Florida next week. Murali Ramasubramanian, PhD, Enovix co-founder and vice president of research and development, will deliver the presentation on Thursday, March 28, 2019, from 2:25 to 2:55 pm EDT, at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center during the Innovation & Design in Next-Gen Consumer Electronics Applications section of the Battery Power for Consumer Electronics track.

“To date, small amounts of silicon have been added to predominantly graphite anodes in conventional lithium-ion battery architecture, but this has increased energy density only about 5%,” says Dr. Ramasubramanian. “Through innovative 3D cell architecture, Enovix has developed a lithium-ion battery that enables a high-capacity silicon anode to increase energy density by 30% to 80%, depending on cell size, while achieving a cycle life over 500.”

Dr. Ramasubramanian will describe how Enovix patented 3D cell architecture contains silicon expansion within the cell core and maintains high cell-stack pressure to eliminate external swelling and silicon particle pulverization. He will also describe how orthogonal stacked design enables an efficient, scalable pre-lithiation process at cell level to overcome low-formation efficiency. And he will present test results that demonstrate cycle life over 500.