Akshat Rathi visited Enovix in the summer of 2018. He was embarking on a nearly year-long exploration of the evolution and future of battery technology, and he wanted to understand how we were overcoming the problems associated with designing and producing a lithium-ion battery with a silicon anode.

Last week Akshat began publishing a comprehensive series for Quartz under the banner, “Batteries: Big Oil’s Big Challenge.” The first article in the series, “The complete guide to the battery revolution,” published on Monday, April 1, identifies us as a battery startup to watch.

Today, Monday, April 8, he concluded the series with, “How we get to the next big battery breakthrough,” In this article, we are identified as one of two “Silicon Valley startups” that has worked over the last decade “to develop a commercially viable anode made completely from silicon.” Describing our approach to the challenge, he writes:

“Enovix, on the other hand, applies a special manufacturing technique to put a 100% silicon anode under enormous physical pressure, forcing it to absorb fewer lithium ion and thus restricting the expansion of the anode and preventing the SEI [solid electrolyte interphase] from breaking. The company has investments from Intel and Qualcomm, and it expects to have its batteries in devices by 2020.”