Seeker produces and publishes enlightening, enjoyable documentary videos on science and innovation. The company’s stated mission is to, “empower the curious to understand the science that is shaping our world,” by explaining and describing, “the natural forces and groundbreaking innovations that impact our lives, our planet, and our universe.” Seeker has just published Light Speed, a multi-episode series on solar energy, solar-powered vehicles and the lithium-ion batteries needed to make solar a practical, renewable energy source. Enovix is pleased to be featured in the episode, “What is the Battery of the Future?” (click link to view video)

The episode examines advanced lithium-ion battery technologies that will enable the continued evolution and expanded utilization of mobile devices, electric vehicles and renewable energy sources in the future. The advantages and challenges of silicon-anode technology are addressed in the episode. Harrold Rust, Enovix co-founder and CEO, describes how our innovative 3D cell architecture overcomes the challenges and harnesses the advantages of a 100% silicon anode (from 3:25 to 3:52 of the video).

Developing advanced technology is just part of the challenge. Producing it cost-effectively at scale is even more difficult, and it’s where most companies have fallen short in the past. We’ve taken an equally innovative approach to develop proprietary roll-to-stack production tools that ‘drop-in’ to existing lithium-ion battery manufacturing lines and increase Watt-hour capacity by 30%. Operation of our production tools are shown in the episode (from 0:52 to 1:02 of the video).

For obvious reasons, the battery episode is our favorite. But I strongly recommend the entire Light Speed series. As with all Seeker videos, it is enlightening and enjoyable.